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Oh wow! Bob was a delight to see last weekend. He performed two nights in a row and we saw the second night. Our daughter who was a closet Dylan fan for a few years before I discovered and outed her had never gone to a concert with us before but decided that she would go this time. At first we were just in out seats, but I went up for a song to the front (three people back from the stage) and Bob was having such a good time that I had to go back and get daughter to come down with me. I talked her into it by saying just one song, but in the end I went back up to my husband and she stayed the rest of the time up front.

Bob was gesturing and smiling and obviously very into the songs and the whole evening. He's known to have friends in Portland, so maybe they put him in a good mood. But really one can tell that he just loves doing what he does.

I'm no good at play by plays, but let's just say I came away very content and smiling inside and out.


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