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Oh happiness.

Don't like Bob's new album. Husband thought he'd lost his voice, both physical and lyric wise. I'm not happy with either on the album, but I sensed that Bob was putting on a voice for the album (gravelly old man blues). He's always done that. All of his albums are like that, it's just that on some of them I like the voice better than others. Who knows about the lyrics - an attempt to do a style of writing that simply doesn't appeal to me. That's okay. I love the man anyway and would never write him off even if he never write a single other song I enjoy. He has already done so much to make my life enjoyable and filled with art that I'm forever indebted to him for sharing it all with me (okay, and the rest of you).

So why did I start this post with "Oh happiness."? Because the concert was incredible. Not only did both our kids go to the concert (we bought our son's ticket and our daughter got tickets - free and cheap - at the last second "any extra tickets" sign working it's magic getting her and her boyfriend seats very near our long ago purchased seats), but Bob was happy, enjoying himself and singing great! Some not so drastic gravel voice, some clear, all appropriate to whichever song he was singing. (And even though his new album had come out before the concert, he didn't sing a single song from it.) I quite enjoyed myself, taking my young son up to the front to watch for a few songs - the best way to enjoy such an event.

My understanding is that Bob has friends here in Portland (at least he used to) and so I like to think that he is in a good mood here because of that. Maybe someday I'll get to thank him in person, but for now it's virtual:

Thank you Bob.
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Oh wow! Bob was a delight to see last weekend. He performed two nights in a row and we saw the second night. Our daughter who was a closet Dylan fan for a few years before I discovered and outed her had never gone to a concert with us before but decided that she would go this time. At first we were just in out seats, but I went up for a song to the front (three people back from the stage) and Bob was having such a good time that I had to go back and get daughter to come down with me. I talked her into it by saying just one song, but in the end I went back up to my husband and she stayed the rest of the time up front.

Bob was gesturing and smiling and obviously very into the songs and the whole evening. He's known to have friends in Portland, so maybe they put him in a good mood. But really one can tell that he just loves doing what he does.

I'm no good at play by plays, but let's just say I came away very content and smiling inside and out.


Aug. 19th, 2010 12:56 pm
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Thought I'd toss a question out there and see if anyone responds!

While it's totally not fair to ask this because why would we choose amongst the gold, I'm still asking:

What's your favorite Dylan video or video clip?

My answer: Tangled Up In Blue from the Rolling Thunder Review with the hat, white face and those eyes on top of the sensual voice. Ahhh.
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Ok, sorry ya'll for sucking as a mod these days. I've been very busy with real life and all that jazz.

But today is our favorite man's 68th birthday! So feel free to post comments, picspams, vids, whatever you want either in the comments to this or in a whole other post wishing him a happy birthday! :D

So Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan! :D
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Here's a little article I came across, wouldn't this be awesome?!?

If pulling down the No. 1 slot in both the U.K. and U.S. album charts wasn't enough this week, Bob Dylan also caused a stir by revealing his desire to team up with Paul McCartney for an upcoming studio project.

Dylan, who reportedly sold 125,000 copies of his 33rd studio offering, 'Together Through Life,' said he'd definitely be up for a collaborative session with Macca. "That would be exciting, to do something with Paul," Dylan told Rolling Stone. "But, you know, your paths have to cross for something like that to make sense."

Sir Paul's spokesman responded to Dylan's suggestion by saying, "I should think he would be very interested in hearing about it. As you can imagine, it would be a pretty major thing if it went ahead."

Dylan is no stranger to collaborations, having previously recorded with the Grateful Dead and participated in supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, which featured McCartney's late Beatles bandmate George Harrison, plus Tom PettyJeff Lynne andRoy Orbison. His latest follows the same trajectory as its predecessor, 2006's 'Modern Times', which also peaked at No. 1. Prior to that feat, the iconic singer-songwriter had gone 30 years in the States, since the release of 'Desire' in 1976, without a chart topper. 

Source: http://www.spinner.com/2009/05/10/bob-dylan-wants-to-collaborate-with-paul-mccartney/

P.S. I updated the profile page, take a looksie!
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Brilliant version of this unbelievably fantastic song as performed by a very young and bouncy Bobby.


Through the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales )
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Dylan is in chart seventh heaven

Bob Dylan
Dylan released his first album in 1962

Bob Dylan has topped the UK album chart for the seventh time in his career, nearly 40 years since his last number one LP.

Together Through Life is the folk music legend's 33rd studio album, according to the Official Charts Company.  )

Bob Dylan art exhibition extended

Bob Dylan
Dylan has sold more than 110 million albums since his first release in 1962

A Bob Dylan art exhibition housed in a tiny gallery in the Borders has been extended due to overwhelming demand.

The Breeze gallery in Peebles has been inundated with interest in the music legend's art work and sold out its allocation of prints in four days.  )
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# Cat's In The Well
# It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
# Things Have Changed
# Boots Of Spanish Leather
# The Levee's Gonna Break
# Sugar Baby
# Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
# Po' Boy
# It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
# Make You Feel My Love
# Highway 61 Revisited
# Love Sick
# Thunder On The Mountain
# Like A Rolling Stone
# All Along The Watchtower
# Spirit On The Water
# Blowin' In The Wind

I almost didn't get any pictures come out because it seemed too dark to have anything show up on the camera. Luckily, my stepmum is good with photo editing software and it turned out I'd got three decent shots of Bob's back.

Full Review )

Two more pictures rescued from blackness by digital fiddling )