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Thought I'd toss a question out there and see if anyone responds!

While it's totally not fair to ask this because why would we choose amongst the gold, I'm still asking:

What's your favorite Dylan video or video clip?

My answer: Tangled Up In Blue from the Rolling Thunder Review with the hat, white face and those eyes on top of the sensual voice. Ahhh.
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LOL, too many to name!

But if I had to choose one, I'd say the entire "Subterranean Homesick Blues" video, because he is too cool for school wearing those shades and flashing those signs. :)

Another favorite that sticks out is his 1998 Grammy acceptance speech, because not only does he cite his awesome love of another favorite of mine Buddy Holly, but his entire speech is rather eccentric, yet somehow makes sense and the crowd clearly doesn't know how to properly respond to him, lol!

And of course your own choice is great as well, because Tangled Up in Blue is one of my all time favorite songs and I just love it when he's wearing that makeup! <3
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LOL! It's totally appropriate! I mean, just check him out in that video, he is totally hot! :D

That Grammy speech is epic, I love it whenever he says stuff that makes everyone around him awkward and uncomfortable, but he stays chill and unconcerned.

I have not heard that!! I need to get my hands on that, lol. And OMG YOU HAVE A DYLAN SING-A-LONG?!!! !!!
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Lol! That's ok, I forgive you that it isn't all-Dylan, all the time! ;) That's just cool you have a sing-a-long though! :D